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Our reliable market intelligence will facilitate potential customer screening, product positioning, and requirement forecasting in the target country. It is our expertise to identify opportunities and create strategic advantage in markets where business customs and requirements are unique.

We offer service and support for transfering goods and data with 100% Export Compliance by ensuring all ITAR and Customs requirements are met.

Intertek Industries is committed to for your company in International Markets

Strategic Marketing / Market Analysis

We conduct real-time market / requirement analysis and potential customer screenings to provide accurate business forecasting for your products in foreign territories. Our highly dependable in-country market intelligence will filter and qualify new requirements to serve as the most reliable source of information for our clients.

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Proactive Promotion

Intertek identifies current and future requirements for your products and services by consistently monitoring frontline customer needs and by carefully examining End User's budget / procurement cycles and activities. Our strategic marketing experts will proactively promote your products and core capabilities to be positioned as a qualified source-of-supply within the customer's procurement system.

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Documentation Support

We offer documentation assistance on technical translations and contracts/agreements reviews to accelerate business transactions in a precise manner. Our bi-lingual contract experts will assist your organization to develop new businesses in unfamiliar territory by ensuring all documents are properly prepared.

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Export License Service & ITAR Control

Intertek Export Compliance Office closely monitors the latest ITAR and Customs regulations to securely transfer goods and data to the country of destination.

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Logistics Support

Our strategic alliance with reputable freight forwarders enables us to offer Just-In-Time delivery service and effective supply chain management to support customer delivery requirements.

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